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Since 1954, healthcare parking management is our only business. Our employees are trained to meet every job-relevant requirement of the JCAHO Environment Of Care Standards and our complete AAA-Rated insurance package exceeds the limits recommended by the American Hospital Association "Insurance Standards for Independent Contractors".

As the competition for patients increases, Healthcare Facility Managers who fail to address their parking problems are experiencing a loss of business and revenue, created by patients seeking easier access to treatment.

By utilizing our services, any facility lacking convenient, safe parking will gain the "competitive edge" over a nearby treatment center that has adequate parking.

We upgrade the Parking and Patient Assistance Services provided to your patients, and maximize the use of all available parking areas. Depending upon configuration, up to a 40% increase in space utilization is possible.

Medi-Park can provide recommendations that will maximize your existing profit center, or recommend a program that will create a new profit center where none previously existed, all at the most cost effective price possible.

Your facility managers will enjoy unlimited, free consulting access to experienced Healthcare Parking Professionals during the entire term of the contract. By creating convenient access to Healthcare Parking Professionals, our Clients are encouraged to utilize our resources to the fullest, by allowing us to function as your in-house parking consultant arm.

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Our service eliminates staffing headaches, management and oversight costs, and provides efficient control of insurance and claims costs.

The value-added features of our services includes enhanced parking facility security and proven cost-savings achieved in outside maintenance costs, due to our uniformed presence.

We guarantee that our friendly, courteous employees will create a positive first and last impression on your patients and visitors!

Medi-Park offers a complete range of Healthcare-oriented parking services throughout the U.S., including:

Member of the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety

Valet Parking/Enhanced Patient Assistance and Wheelchair Services

Consulting and Surveys

Contract Operations and Management

Attendant-Assisted Parking Service
Construction Based Services
Facility Leasing
Traffic Directors
Cashiers and Revenue Management
Garage and Lot Porters
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